Underlying Medical Causes Of Bedwetting

Most parents of young children have dealt with bedwetting issues at some point along the way, but this usually stops by the time the child is five or so. If your child is still wetting the bed frequently, more often than once a week, even beyond the age of five, this could be a sign that he or she has an underlying medical issue that is causing it. This is especially likely if bedwetting starts after going several months without any instances. Here are a couple of potential causes to discuss with your pediatrician.

Neurological Conditions

Since the urge to urinate when the bladder gets full is triggered by the neurological system, there could be a neurological problem that is preventing your child's brain from receiving the signals that tell him or her to awaken to go to the bathroom. Your pediatrician will examine your child for any other apparent symptoms of neurological issues. For example, if conditions such as Parkinson's disease run in your family, this could be the cause.


Those with diabetes who have significantly high blood sugar levels will often find that they urinate far more frequently and with more urgency than those with normal blood sugar levels. If your child has undiagnosed or poorly controlled diabetes, this could be the cause of his or her bedwetting problems. Other signs of high blood sugar or uncontrolled diabetes include fatigue, irritability, and persistent thirst.


Urinary tract infections and bladder infections can also cause your child to have trouble controlling their bladder at night. The urgency of urination with an infection like this can mean that your child, if they are in a deep sleep, may not wake up with enough time to get to the bathroom, if they wake up at all.

Sleep Apnea

When you think of sleep apnea, you probably think of older adults. While it is certainly more common in adults, even children can suffer from sleep apnea. In fact, because this condition can disrupt the normal brain signals, including those that control bladder function during sleep, your child's bedwetting problem could be caused by undiagnosed sleep apnea. If he or she wakes frequently or snores at night, talk with a pediatrician about your concerns.

These are a few of the most common causes of persistent bedwetting. If your child is having trouble, make an appointment with a pediatrician today to see if it's been caused by an underlying health condition. For more information, contact a medical office like Port City Pediatrics.

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Most parents of young children have dealt with bedwetting issues at some point along the way, but this usually stops by the time the child is five or

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